A lottery is a fun and engaging way for Our Charity, Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust to raise funds. The lottery is promoted and run to help raise essential funds for our charity.

What is the unity lottery?

The unity lottery is an umbrella lottery platform, which charities all sizes can use to run their own lotteries.

The Unity draw takes place every friday, and each ticket gives players the chance of winning one of four fabulous prizes. Each entry cost just £1.

Where does the money go exactly?

A minimum of 50% of the total proceeds is spent on supporting the work carried out by our charity. 18.4% on prizes, and 31.6% on running cost and administration of the lottery.


The Question?

What is the odds of winning a prize?

The odds of winning any prize in unity is 1 in 63. Everyone in unity has a chance of winning, no matter which charity they support or how many players our Charity has.

What can I win?

The prize structure is based on a 6 digit match, in the correct sequence as follows:

3 Digit match= 5  Free Entries.

4 Digit match= £25

5 Digit match= £1000

6 Digit match= £25,000.

Buy your Ticket today!!!  Good Luck!!


How can Jamaican Elderly Disabled Charitable Trust/UK offer £25,000 as a top prize?

When a player wins a prize, this is covered by the unity prize pot. Because the prize pot is spread across all charities in unity, this means that charities using Unity, for their fundraising lotteries can offer £25,000 prize jackpot to their players.

Who is behind Unity lotteries

Unity loteries are administered by Sterling Management center.

Experienced lottery administrators for over 30 years.

Unity was developed by sterling, so charities of all shapes and sizes so are able to run their own fundraising  lotteries.


Is this lottery legal?

Yes. We operate in compliance with all Gambling commission, (UK regulatory body concerned with lotteries) requirements and the lottery is administered by a certified External lottery manager.

For further information please visit Unitiy lottery website.